It is required that all participants read "The Bent Armlock & Kimura Tactics", before attending the online course.  This book was written by DT 101 President (Alan Johnson).  You can get this book on for $9.99.  When you become familiar with the Kimura; you can also watch the demonstration video below.  This video is an example of how the material from the book; can be used for Defensive Tactics.

Certification Program:

The cost for the DT 101/ Kimura Tactics Course is...$299


This is a one time certification course.  You are not required to re-certify.  

On-site training from the DT 101 Program is available at your location.  This is a great opportunity for your organization and surrounding organizations to team up and take advantage of the DT 101 Program.

Please call about classes in other locations and/or hosting classes.