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Defensive Tactics 101

  Upcoming Events:
                                                                         Master Instructor Certification
                                                                         (40) hour Defensive Tactics Program
                                                                         When: August 2nd thru 6th
                                                                         Where: Parkville Athletic Complex
                                                                                      6014 N. Highway 9
                                                                                      Parkville, Missouri 64152

Welcome to Defensive Tactics 101 the most comprehensive defensive tactics site on the web.  In addition to our free instructional videos; which can be found under "General Videos"; please notice we offer two separately packaged programs.  

Option #1:  DT 101 offers a forty (40) hour Defensive Tactics Master Instructor Program for Law Enforcement; Military; Corrections; and Security Professionals. You can learn more about this Master Instructor Certification Program by clicking on "Additional Information" on this site....and reading "About DT 101/40 hour/Defensive Tactics Program"...below.  Sample videos for this option can be found under "Course Videos".

Option #2:  DT 101 also offers the "SafeClinch Training System" for organizations needing verbal de-escalation training and proven restraint techniques for special needs can learn more about the SafeClinch Training System by clicking on the "SafeClinch Program" tab of this site.  You can also learn more about SafeClinch at  

Important Note: None of the videos on this site are part of SafeClinch; to watch a demonstration video of SafeClinch you will need to visit the SafeClinch website.

About the DT 101 Forty(40) hour Defensive Tactics Program:
Law Enforcement; Military; Corrections; and Security Professionals

No other program in the county has been able to combine Judo, Wrestling, Jiu-jitsu, and Striking together like DT 101.  It is not beneficial to jump to your back for guard position as an officer.  Having said that if you cannot gain control of the subject with a standing technique, taking the subject to the ground can be very advantageous; but the key is to go to the ground in a dominant position.

Our throws and takedowns are designed so the officer can obtain an arresting technique once the altercation hits the ground.  The program also teaches ground fighting and officer safety as well. We mainly use bent arm locks and straight arm locks, but depending on the situation other submission techniques are taught as well.  In addition we go over every escape; sweep; block; and reversal you can imagine.  Whether you are wanting simple escorting techniques; strategic striking and striking defense; or arm bar takedowns the DT Program will provide all of this for you.

Alan Johnson is President of Defensive Tactics 101 and has spent over ten years developing and teaching the DT 101 program.  Alan has taken the best from all grappling and striking styles to fit what an arresting officer would need.  We have even purposely included techniques in our highlight videos using a "gi" as well as without the "gi" to show how the DT 101 program tranlates to the officers environment.  

Tuition to become a DT 101 master instructor includes a certificate that is valid for three (3) years; and a training manual; that walks the instructor through each technique in the DT 101 Program.  There are no fees paid to DT 101 for end user staff trained within the master instructors organization; there is only a fee if the Master Instructor wished to train other instructors.

Thanks Again for visiting our site!

Alan Johnson, President

Defensive Tactics 101


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